WELCOME to the Liddle Village

A vibrant and inclusive
community of people with special needs

Welcome to our community dedicated to supporting and celebrating special needs adults and their caregivers. We understand the unique challenges and joys that come with providing care for individuals with diverse abilities, and our mission is to foster an inclusive environment that promotes growth, independence, and a sense of belonging.

Our mission

Our mission is to create an inclusive and compassionate haven for special needs adults, fostering a supportive community where every individual is empowered to thrive.

about us

With a dedicated team of caring professionals, we are committed to tailoring our programs and services to meet the diverse needs of our community.

our programs

Our programs are crafted with a deep understanding of the unique needs and aspirations of special needs adults. Our programs are not only educational, but also a lot of fun!


Whether it's cultivating a community garden, exploring creative arts, or sport activities each event is designed to promote connection, joy, and personal growth. At Liddle Village, our events serve as platforms for self-expression, collaboration, and the shared delight that comes from embracing the diversity of abilities within our close-knit community.


Gardening is an opportunity to nurture and cultivate a vibrant connection with nature while fostering a sense of responsibility and accomplishment

craft projects

Craft projects are a delightful avenue for self-expression, allowing participants to explore their talents and create unique,
personalized works of art.


Sport activities offer participants a platform to embrace physical activity, teamwork, and personal achievement, fostering a sense of empowerment.

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